Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Listing of the Day: Artist's Loft in Mott Haven

112 LINCOLN AVENUE - Loft - 1100 square feet, $1800/mo.
If you need open space to follow your passion, why pay more than you have to? Mott Haven is home to many industrial buildings turned artists' lofts. This particular building is called the Clock Tower and used to be an old piano factory. Pretty art-inspiring if you ask me. (photo courtesy of Newsday)

There are an ever increasing number of bars and restaurants catering to the arrivistes that will help conjure up your muse with a few drinks or friendly conversation with your hip new neighbors. The Bruckner Bar and Grill has been holding it down for the last few years, tucked under the Third Avenue Bridge. Alexander's is a new wine bar, which I'm sure is good, but I really wish they would get a permanent sign instead of that plastic tarp thing that looks like it is from a Mid-Western Brat Day Parade. Come on Alexander's, step up your game.

In any case, this apartment is wide open and even has an elevated sleeping area to allow you to do all those splatter paintings you've always wanted to do, but couldn't because of your 6 roommates huddled in that 1 bedroom in Bushwick.

Super easy transportation around the corner at the 6 train @ 138th Street and 3rd Avenue.

What are you waiting for SVA grads? Spend some of those student loan dollars in the Bronx!

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