Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pedro Espada Jr. - Absentee Lout

Pedro Espada Jr., a wannabe State Senator, is being accused of lying about living in a co-op on E. 201st Street. We live in this co-op! In fact, Mr. Espada apparently lives in Mamaroneck in Westchester. Neither I, nor my wife (as well as most of my real neighbors), have ever seen this gentleman in the building. It is insulting that Mr. Espada, he of past political scandals involving government money funnelled from his Soundview Medical Center to his own political campaign, was extremely rude to a long time resident as evidenced by the video below.
Video of Mr. Espada Embarrassing Himself

This is utterly unethical in the first place, but to be so rude to my lovely and gracious neighbor makes his cowardice and shame doubly compounded.

It appears that Sen. Gonzalez is equally unethical and has lots of skeletons and cigar wrappers in his own closet, but Mr. Espada should be ashamed of himself for trying to use our building as a pawn in his game. Bronx residents should represent Bronx residents. I doubt Mr. Espada could ever win an election in Mamaroneck.

Our community here at Bainbridge House is close-knit and familial. We would love to have a "native son" as a State Senator, but Mr. Espada, you are no native son. Shame on you!


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