Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Espada Lives Here (I guess...)

According to a recent NY Daily News article, our lovely and congenial neighbor (my fingertips are dripping with sarcasm right now), has likely dodged a Bronx residency bullet. As you may recall, we posted about this issue a few days ago after he was pretty sassy with an 85 year old neighbor of ours. There's even a You Tube video catching his decidedly un-neighborly interactions with the residents in our Bedford Park building.
Not exactly sure how Espada's getting away with this one... the residents in our co-op where he supposedly lives never see, hear, or speak to him. Even his utility bill proved to be suspiciously low. I guess he just never turns on his lights so he can save to pay for his four cars (none of which are linked to the Bronx). Call me thrifty, but geez, four cars? A bit excessive, neighbor! Since he now lives here, hopefully I'll soon see Espada in the laundry room and we can wax political together while folding our undies!

If you'd like to lose even more respect for our Bronx political heroes, check out:

  • The brilliant Tom Robbins' Village Voice article about the dumb and dumber Bronx Democratic Primary.
  • A 2005 New York Times article detailing how some of Espada's former employees plead guilty to taking advantage of poor and sick patients of his Soundview Health Center to further his political career.

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