Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ding, Ding, Ding, DING - And The Winner Is....

Not only is The Bronx Numero Uno in terms of attracting our neighbors to the south (you know, all those disgruntled Manhattanites fleeing the ever escalating rents and co-op prices of their once precious nabe), but it looks like the Other Four can eat our dust when it comes to the amount of cold hard cash the City is slated to start pumping into each borough in parks and recreation investment alone. According to Going Coastal, and their article "NYC Park Improvement Projects In Construction or Design Phase," the Bronx is getting more dough than any other borough.

Here's a look at some stats that should put a hard-earned grin on quite a few Bronx residents' faces. Of the $1.344 billion planned allotment, here's who's getting what:

#1. Bronx $400 million

#2. Manhattan $354 million

#3. Brooklyn $273 million

#4. Queens $198 million

#5. Staten Island $119 million

So, in case you didn't get that: Bronx - #1, Manhattan - #2!!! I hate to sound glib here - but I'm Just Saying...

The Yankee Stadium Redevelopment projects, Soundview Park and The South Bronx Greenway are the major recipients of the City's largess and these projects will hopefully (and finally!) eradicate the outdated and overstated negative rep the South Bronx has had to endure for the last 30 years!

According to Wikipedia, "Going Coastal is an EPA award winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots organization formed in 2003 to connect people to coastal resources by raising awareness of the coast's
value as a natural, cultural and recreational resource. Through the efforts of its volunteers and information initiatives they inspire adults and children to appreciate, enjoy and preserve it."

~Simone Davis


Mike said...

Great blog! I stumbled across this blog while googling Bronx events. Well written, well laid out. I'll be a daily visitor.

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Thanks Mike! Glad you're digging the BoogieDowner. Give us a shout if you ever hear of events/happenings/stories that we're aren't covering.
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