Friday, August 22, 2008

Food Coop in the Bronx Needs You!

The South Bronx Food Coop is an organization focused on providing fresh, organic, fair trade, and most importantly, cheap meat and produce to residents of the Bronx and the rest of NYC.

As a cooperative, the SBFC is a community organization that relies on the help of ordinary people in order to thrive. You can become a member for a one time fee of $120, but non-members are welcome to shop at SBFC as well. The only difference is a discount on purchases. Members would pay $25 for 20lbs of food, while non-members would shell out $30. In addition, members would be required to provide 3 hrs of service to the coop per month. Remember, this whole thing revolves around ordinary people pitching in.

SBFC aims to provide a 'green' alternative to what is usually offered in the Bronx. I am not sure if you've ever shopped at a Pioneer or C-Town, but anything is better. Customers would know where their food was coming from and be able to taste the freshness.

Currently the SBFC operates on Saturdays from 11am - 5pm out of Nos Quedamos (Downstairs) @ 754 Melrose Avenue (Between 156th & 157th St), but is seeking a permanent retail center of its own. Please support SBFC by helping to get it off the ground and into its own space. For Bronxites this is a no-brainer, but even those Harlemites across the river could pitch in.

Here is SBFC's contact info if you have any further questions:
Phone: 646.226.0758
Mail: South Bronx Food Cooperative P.O Box 484 Bronx NY 10458

Or you can check out their website. South Bronx Food Cooperative

~ErLu + Jay O.

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Anonymous said...

This is great! I can't believe this is happening in the South Bronx. Is this just meat and produce - any grains, nuts, cheese, fish, and so forth? Where is all of this being grown?

And agreed - one thing that most areas here lack is good, fresh locally grown produce. And organic to boot?!? If its well run and they've got their act together - I'm in.

Simone Davis