Monday, August 18, 2008

Melrose Reborn

I am fascinated and intrigued by the wholesale rebuilding and development happening in Melrose, a community in the South Bronx. This community is literally being rebuilt from the ground up, with new sidewalks, streets, decorative street lights, tree plantings, new condos and rentals, affordable and market rate, new 3 family homes, new retail, a new college, and a number of green housing and initiatives, including solar panels and green roofs.

This community is in the midst of a major transformation, and you can see how much has happened thus far, and it is only about 1/3 complete: about 1 million more square feet of retail, commercial and residential will be coming online in the next 2 years, with further development over the following 3 years. The changes are dramatic. Take a look...this is the South Bronx of today AND tomorrow...

~Jay O.

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Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful change. Hopes it keeps looking better.