Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Listing of the Day: Castle-like Crib in Wakefield

3920 Amundson Ave. 4 Bedroom Detached House - $419,000

This house is in the northernmost nabe in the NYC. Wakefield can have an almost suburban feel because of the lack of huge apartment complexes like in most of the Bronx. This really does look like some type of castle. Check out how big and angular this thing is.

Not a lot of nightlife in Wakefield, but hey, if you're buying a 4 bedroom Victorian at the end of the 5 line, you're either trying to accommodate a Brady-bunch like family or getting ready to declare Amundson Ave. its own sovereign republic. If your thinking of the latter, please don't move to the Bronx. We don't need a Waco repeat in Wakefield.

You would have some nice park options for all those kids, step-kids and newly liberated citizens if your fenced in yard gets a little small. There is the underrated Seton Falls Park literally right across the street. Seton Falls has all the normal park stuff like grass and hoops courts, but it even has a man-made waterfall. A little further east is the City's largest park, Pelham Bay Park. Pelham Bay Park, which is 3x the size of Central Park, has too many features to enumerate here, but it does have a beach to help with any sea invasions any you might have in mind.

Transportation would be the 5 line at Dyre (the last stop), but don't let Andy Newman of the NY Times scare you. Cars do not spontaneously explode in at the end of the line.


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