Monday, August 18, 2008

Listing of the Day: Rental Steal in Little Italy

2311 Beaumont - 2 bedrooms, 1 bath $1250

Split this rent with a friend and you live in a fun neighborhood with food and cafes and great culinary shopping for $625 a month! Can you even get parking for that in Harlem? Belmont is very close to the Bronx Zoo and the NY Botanical Garden for fun. The BX12 bus runs down Fordham Rd. to the B/D at Grand Concourse and further to the 4 at Jerome Ave. And hey, since you'll be saving so much money on rent, why not treat yourself to a Metro-North ticket at the Fordham stop at Fordham Rd. and Webster Ave. and be in Grand Central in 18 minutes?

Fordham University is also a neighborhood presence with tons of cultural things to offer, and lectures, and lots of goofy white kids in the neighborhood. Another added bonus from Fordham University, on top of stability, beauty and top notch education it brings to the hood, is A-10 division one hoops. Season tickets for Rams basketball are only $190 (another great way to spend all that extra cash).

This apartment is in Belmont just off of 187th street (the southern edge of this block is 183rd, the northern 187th - don't ask why), which is a great stretch lined with cafes, restaurants and pastry shops. My favorite 187th restaurant is Tra Di Noi, but to be honest if you lived here you would be REQUIRED to go to Emelia's (no fancy inter-web link, but they don't need one. It's that good.) on Arthur Ave. - simply the best! And try to get a table at Mayor Bloomberg's beloved Roberto's on Crescent Ave. - very good, but in my opinion, a tad overrated.

Save money, have fun, eat well, rent in Belmont.
There is no fee for this apartment because the company actually owns it.
There is an open house tomorrow (Tues. Aug 19th from 6-7pm). Check it out and report back.

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