Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"We Didn't Say It, But We Agree" Part 2!

Anyone who read our last post and clicked on the link to check out genius blogger, Maddy Madison's, post stating oh so clairvoyently that the Bronx is the new Williamsburg will not be surprised that we're covering the following New York Observer article: "Where Manhattanites Move When They Want to Stay in New York" (Yes, it's from April and we are shockingly behind the curve... I place the blame squarely on our teething 8 month old).

The Observer's Tom Acitelli sagely reports that from 2001 to 2006, the BoogieDown has led the three other outer boroughs in net gains of Manhattanites. Brooklyn has consistently been the second most popular destination for NYC residents fleeing the rapidly escalating rents of Manhattan.

As we all know, second place is for losers. Who's yo momma now Bill-Burg?

*Extremely official looking stat chart courtesy of Nigel Holmes: Source: I.R.S.


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