Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farm Fresh Produce, But Come Early

I just completed our weekly trip over to the New York Botanical Garden's Farmers Market. This wonderful source of fresh produce is available every Wednesday (NYBG offers free admission to the public on Wednedays) until October 29th from 10am to 3pm.

Knowing that this attraction is popular, I arrived at 9:55am so I could beat the crowds. Ha! Apparently myself and about 50 other people had the same idea. Although you have to do a bit of elbow-throwing to select your fruits and veggies, it is well worth it. Produce is trucked in from the eastern end of Long Island, as well as upstate New York. Growers who set up camp each week include Gajeski Produce, Mead Orchards, and Migliorelli Farm. For your guilty pleasure indulgence, there's also The Little Bake Shop selling pies and other treats, and Bread Alone, an organic whole grain bakery.

After seeing the crowds that turn up at this thing, it really makes you wonder why there aren't other farmers markets in the area. I heard there was one on Wednesdays over on Jerome Avenue by Montefiore Hospital, but I'm not sure exactly where. Does anyone know of any other interesting produce options in the Bronx? After getting repeatedly skunked by C-Town and Pioneer Supermarket with bad produce, the South Bronx Food Co-Op is sounding better and better.
*My thanks to a BoogieDowner reader who informed me that there is a farmers market on Tuesdays in Poe Park (192nd & Grand Concourse) from 8am to 3pm. Also, there is another on Wednesdays at Jerome Avenue and Mosholu Parkway North*
**Another update: In researching the farmers market at Poe Park, I came across The Council on the Environment of New York City's website. Tons of great info on the farmers markets they sponsor in all five boroughs**


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Anonymous said...

There is a farmer's market and community garden market at Tremont and Lafontaine(I think?) by the park over there on Tuesdays from 10m- 2pm. It's run by la familia verde if you want more information