Saturday, August 30, 2008

This Elephant Really Hearts Pedro Espada Jr.

Pedro Espada Jr is a Youtube star again. The BoogieDowner first covered Mr. Espada's general sassiness to one of our beloved longtime neighbors (video after the jump), and his legal victory over residency doubts.

Our good friends at the West Bronx Blog dug up this very funny video of our neighbor(?) being chased around by a guy dressed up as an elephant. It is to be assumed that this was part of an attempt to humorously remind Bronx voters that Mr. Espada once had a serious flirtation with the GOP.

Only in the Bronx can this be an actual part of a political campaign. Doesn't the Bronx deserve better choices? We have Efrain Gonzalez, who is set to go on trail for a Federal ethics case, and Pedro Espada Jr., who may not even live in the Bronx and has some of his own campaign money skeletons in the closet. In this showdown, I'd prefer the guy in the elephant suit.


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