Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Gays are Coming - Yesssssssss!!!!

We've actually been waiting to do a post on this issue for a while now, but we wanted to wait until there was an actual news story to tie in rather than just saying, "Hey BoogieDowner readers, we've been noticing a lot more gay couples while walking around our hood. How about you?"
In her article "Gay pairs like the boros, raising kids in Bronx," The Daily News' Stephanie Gaskell reports that a recent study by UCLA's Williams Institute shows that the Bronx is home to the highest number of gay couples raising children, followed closely by Brooklyn. But you know what we said yesterday Brooklyn - second place is for losers.

I'm no cultural anthropologist, but my take on the gay population of NYC is that they tend to be not only extremely stylish, but also ready, willing, and able to get involved with their communities and create stable, enriching residential environments. What more could you ask for in a neighbor?


Mike said...

Just a follow up re: todays blog

Anonymous said...

I've said it plenty of times on other blogs - the Gay and Lesbian communitity should be studied and TRACKED :) by those searching for the next place ready to pop. I wish I had followed some of my gay male friends when they started little by little to move up to Harlem twenty years ago. They are now sitting on million dollar properties! This really bodes well for the Bronx. And yes, (although I hate generalizations) it has been my experience that that the gay community does more than there fair share in terms of community service, activism, being pioneers in moving into and improving dicey areas and, in general, just being great, wonderful neighbors.

Simone Davis

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I like your train of thought Simone. I think the gay / lesbian community tend to be upscale,trendy, and well educated. A welcome addition to the community.