Thursday, August 14, 2008

2nd Week of Outdoor Concerts at NYBG a Downgrade

This week's NY Botanical Garden Outdoor Concert Program featuring choral music by vocal ensemble Quarternity was a bit of a letdown due mostly to the unfortunate weather. Some foreboding storm clouds and stray rain drops forced the concert to move indoors to the Ross Lecture Hall. The concert series loses much of its appeal if you are not able to soak in the peaceful environs of the gardens at dusk. The stuffy indoors location also meant no sipping vino - the horror! Additionally, the performance by Quarternity was a bit too quirky for our liking. They sang beautifully, but hearing only vocalists with no musical accompaniment can get pretty boring after a song or two. These concerts are usually perfect for children when they are held outside, but the lecture hall location didn't suit little ones who want to move around or make a bit of noise. The no-nonsense crowd definitely didn't seem like they'd appreciate any babies trying to outdo the rousing melodies of Quarternity! The show did seem to be a hit with most other attendees though - the hall was full to capacity and had standing room only. Although for us tonight's concert did not compare to last week's (classical guitarist Mattias Jacobsson and violinist Kristin Leet on the lawn by the Mosholu entrance), it was wonderful as always to be able to just spend a dreary Thursday night strolling around the gardens after normal closing time. We have high hopes for next week's final summer concert - jazz with the David Grossman Ensemble. Did anyone else attend this concert? Your thoughts?

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