Thursday, August 21, 2008

Via Verde Development to Transform Melrose into a Green Oasis

Nancy A. Ruhling reports that Via Verde, an affordable residential complex in the South Bronx that will include rentals, co-ops, and live/work town homes, will make its debut in Fall 2010.

Jonathan Rose Companies, a leader in the 'green' housing and development movement, will help bring the benefits of the green lifestyle to the Bronx. The buildings in the 202-unit development—low-rise town homes, a mid-rise duplex building, and an 18-story tower—are connected by rooftops that will be used to harvest rainwater, grow fruits and vegetables and to provide exercise and relaxation space for residents. In addition, the project will have many green features: cross ventilation, solar shades, non-toxic paints, rapidly renewable wood products, high-efficiency mechanical systems, energy-conserving appliances, and renewable energy strategies, including solar voltaic canopies.

To be honest, I don't even know what solar voltaic canopies are, but they must be good, right? And who doesn't like to grow produce on their roofs?
~Jay O. + ErLu

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