Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Didn't Say It. She Did, and We Agree.

Very funny post from a blog by Maddy Madison, a lass who has been brave enough to claim the obvious:

"The Bronx is the New Williamsburg."

Click through to read why the aforementioned statement is true.

Gotta check out that roller-derby scene.

And I think we might have found a new Bronx slogan: "The other borough that starts with "BRO," kinda like that pork commercial. Mmmm...Pork.

So let us know, do you agree? Or is this all moving too fast for you? Was it too soon for the Bronx to introduce you its parents?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Bronx is finally starting to enter the spotlight. Well deserved, may I add. We may not have quite as much to do as certain other boros that start with BRO, but what we do have, and our authenticity, makes up for it. Plus, there are those of us out there that are looking to make it even better.

Love your blog. Keep it up.