Thursday, August 14, 2008

Luxe Condos in the Bronx

The Grand Concourse's beautiful Art Deco buildings, Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Museum of Art are the surroundings for these new luxury condominium and cooperative developments. The prices are absurdly low, ranging from 100K-300K and from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Amenities range from gyms to parking, from vistas of the city to proximity to the Hub and other shopping and transportation. All this and granite counter tops. The Question is: "Can the neighborhood keep these developments afloat? Will they sell?"

Well it seems that the Orion has sold out and the Aurora and Solara are not far behind.

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So has anyone purchased one of these or live in the neighborhood? How is it going?
~ErLu + Jay Ortiz


Anonymous said...

I purchased a unit in the Aurora, I love it, a lot of new developments going on around the area, and I get to work in less than 30min.

Boogiedowner said...

Hey Anonymous,
It's great to hear from someone who bought a unit down there. Please email us with some details of the hood and the building. It sounds like you're super happy. We'd love to run a piece about your experience (anonymously if preferred). Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Yes, my wife and I were selected from the lottery. We provided all of our information to Jason of Olga Villanueva. I must say from the day One their whole operation was funny. I walked in the Mom & Pop operation which seemed sketchy. Jason was in a rush to get us out of his office. He didn't answer any of our questions. Once we provided Jason with our complete packet I followed up. We informed were two weeks later that that we no longer qualified for the condo. We were told that we made to much money (Which was not the case) After calling again We were told that some of our information was lost and that we needed to resubmit these documents which we did. After calling for several weeks we were told once again we did no qualify and that we would be contracted once the lottery is over and we can purchase at market rate. I am writing to let anyone who is reading that these people are sketchy. i lived in the neighborhood and it is Not Up and Coming but it is a nice neighborhood. It has a lot of shops and is close to two major subway line. I weight the pros and Con and the Pros outweigh the cons unfortunately these people from Villanueva had other plans. I figured they wanted me to give them some under the table money to move my application along. I just want to say if anyone knows Jason of Villanueva tell him he's whole operation sucks and yes this was before the recession hit the public so I hope they never sell those stupid condos.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am going there tomorrow to talk to them. I hope they are better with me.

Anonymous said...

WOW..........The same thing happened to me. I went to their office which appears to be their home. Jason took me upstairs to his office which looked like a share bedroom to collect my credit check fee and my financial paperwork. Then he claims he was running the figures and told me based on the information I was eligible but first they had to run a credit check.

Then he called me a fee days later to say my credit was iffy. However, I had a stellar credit history, as I paid all my bills on time and had received a pre-qualification for a mortgage with JP Morgan Chase and knew my credit score was in the 800 range prior to going to Olga's office.

I took proof to Jason to let him know whatever information he claims he had was inaccurate. Then the mother Olga called me with a nasty Boriqua attitude now claiming I made too much monies and had too much assets. I should her the guidelines listed for the Solara and that I did not exceed those guidelines, as the bank assets and my earnings were within their guidelines.

Then Olga called me back saying, look honey your household size makes you ineligible to purchase. Then I requested my husband's child be added to the application, as he just got custody of the child. And this woman refused to allow me to do that.

However, I was reviewing the HPD website and see they are now advertising the Solara once again. I hope that entire project fails cuz Olga only wants Hispanics in there. If you are non Hispanic don't even bother cuz all you will get in the run around.

When I was in the waiting area, only the Hispanics were offered the prospectus. Not one Black person I knew who got selected during the lottery process paperwork went anywhere beyond the credit check process.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this post and I must agree with all the comments about the people at Affordable Housing (that's what they call there company). Jason is always in a hurry, hardly ever returns your calls, and gives inaccurate information. I am one person who looked into the Solara, was more than qualified, and then backed out after dealing with these people.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Reading all these post is discouraging. I was so excited. My husband and I have an appointment with Jason this week to bring our financial documents. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Our application was also drawn for the Aurora a couple of years ago. When we sent in our pay stubs, they told us we didn't qualify because we made too much. This wasn't true because I only apply to developments that are within our income range. I agree with one of the other post. They put who they want in there or they are either looking for money under the table. By the way, they did contact us again last year to purchase at market rate. NO Way!!

Anonymous said...

Well I went to check out the Solara neighborhood and the "Melrose Commons" area today. I would give props to the Melrose area but the Solara was wack for loss of better terms. The area is horrible. My dad almost didnt take his foot off the gas as we drove through the block. The common areas look small also. I called there to get information about square footage of a 2 bedrm and the lady on the phone was straight rude, couldnt answer my question and kept asking me if I wanted to fill out an application. No if the apartment is to small. If it is this bad calling for information, I would not want to live there and have my toilet leaking. I was looking at the northrose and it seems like a lot of buildings are going up around in that area and its up and coming. I am going to keep my eye over there for new developments.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with all the bad reviews towards the villanueva family. They are very unprofessional and discouraging. My husband and I are currently purchasing a 3brm apartment. We were told we only qualify for the 3bdrm because of our income. We had to basically stalk them in order to get parking added in our purchase because they were holding it for someone of their choice. I am very persistant and very aggresive so I think this worked in my favor. They realized I was not playing because it is my money on the table. They had this kid Juan recently who was dealing with us after Jason and the famous attorny whom never does anything but talk and take your money. Anyways, Juan was let go because whenever you called him he said the same thing he working on it and never got any results. When I threatened to withdraw my application. I was approved in about 2wks. Now I am going threw the loan process and should be done within the next couple of months. I have to say one thing about the Solara neighborhood. Yes, it is not the best area you can come accross too but it is an upcoming area. We need to remember that no area is perfect! Both my husband and I work, we have a 4 year old and it is our first purchase, we are not purchasing a home to hang out in the street or to party hardy. There is no need to panic unless you plan to be in the street in the wrong parts at the wrong times. My sister moved 8 years ago to a hpd blding and right across the street from her their was a rehabilitation home for drug abusers. If you go to her neighborhood today she is surrounded by hpd buildings all new developments coops, condos, and rentals.. as well as hpd houses. Once they build one development in the neighborhood many more will come. Which means the neighborhood will get better! Think positive :) As for the Villanuevas be aggresive let them know they are wrong and you are right. Call the city do what you must. They will get the picture and not mess with you.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Briarwood( The management company for the building)is doing a terrible job in maintaning the building. Not only that, the officers for the management office are very rude and they are not willing to help you at all.

atayala said...

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