Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Listing of the Day: Kingsbrideg Heights Rental

W. 230th Street at Heath Avenue, 3 Bedrooms, - $1,450/month

This is a lot of apartment for only $1,450 a month. As a share it's less than $500 per bedroom. The pics seem nice enough and the listing boasts of new appliances. The listing even mentions "garage parking" but who knows a) if it even exists b) how expensive it is or c) if there is a ten year wait list?

The hood isn't Mayberry, but you'd be close to the small Old Number 4 Fort Park and the Reservoir. Lehman is right in the hood so you'd have all the cultural stuff it offers (like the Bronx Opera and Lehman's very own art gallery).

There is decent shopping on Kingsbridge Road (think little Fordham Road), and lots of real shopping over in Marble Hill with our beloved Target et al. There's even a Planet Fitness over there if you're looking to get in shape. And if the old Armory ever turns into something worthwhile for the community (however you define "worthwhile"), you'd be right in the thick of that too.

Transportation isn't that bad with the 1 train pretty close at 231st and Broadway. The 4 train is also reasonably close with a station at Kingsbridge Road and Jerome Avenue.



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