Monday, February 16, 2009

Listing of the Day: Fordham Road Rental

East Fordham Road, 2 Bedrooms - $900/month

The listing doesn't specify where exactly on East Fordham Road this apartment is, but it would have to be somewhere between Jerome Avenue and Bronx Park (i.e the Zoo and Botanical Garden). The other side of Jerome Avenue is West Fordham Road, and the on the other side of Bronx Park Fordham Road runs into and becomes Pelham Parkway.

The pictures are pretty nice for such a low price. To be honest, you'd find a lot of one bedrooms in the vicinity for more than this price. The listing does emphasize that the bedrooms are small (8 x11 and 8x12), but the price is still pretty damned low.

Fordham Road obviously has lots of shopping and you'd have the new amenities of Fordham Plaza with Best Buy and the soon to come Applebee's. Also at Fordham Plaza is the not to missed Maria's Tacos. Fordham University is in the hood, so you'd be able to enjoy some cultural stuff and A-10 hoops (even though the Rams kinda stink this year). The baddest public library in the Bronx would be close by as well. Arthur Ave is in walking distance for top quality Italian grub.

Transportation is pretty nice with the B/D at Fordham Road and the Concourse and further west the 4 is at Jerome and Fordham Road. For the fancy pants commuters, there is the Metro North station at Fordham Road and Webster Avenue.



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