Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Tree Hugging Will Be Encouraged But Is Not Mandatory"

Banner from the newly created social networking site
dedicated to Katie Holten's public art project celebrating
the Grand Concourse's 100th birthday

--"Tree Hugging Will Be Encouraged But Is Not Mandatory"--

These are the words of accomplished artist Katie Holten on her website dedicated to her upcoming outdoor exhibit along the Grand Concourse.

Simply named the Tree Museum, Ms. Holten's exhibit will be a major piece of the borough's celebration of the Grand Concourse's 100th birthday. She's collaborating with tons of Bronx cultural experts, schools, and community groups to highlight 100 different outdoor locations along a 4.5 mile stretch of the Concourse. Visitors will be able to access an audio guide via their cell phones and can stroll through the outdoor exhibit at their leisure. In the artist's words, it's a "museum without walls."

As if this project couldn't get any cooler, Ms. Holten has also established a social networking site in conjunction with the Tree Museum. Click here to check it out and become a member. It's a great resource to view upcoming events in the Bronx, chat about a particular issue near and dear to your heart, or just show your love for the Tree Museum or the BoogieDown!

The Bronx is lucky to have such an innovative artistic talent creating this public artwork to celebrate the Grand Concourse's 100th birthday - kudos to Katie Holten! To learn more about her past projects, click here to link to her personal site.

The Tree Museum will be on display from June 21st to October 11th. Click here for more details about the exhibit.


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