Thursday, February 19, 2009

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories we've rounded up you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Photo gallery of welterweights Miguel Cotto and Michael Jennings working out in the BoogieDown []

Bronx landlords found guilty in 'Black Sunday' blaze [New York Times]

Bronx pols kissing Carrion's ass with lovey-dovey statements as he gets ready to head to DC [Daily News]

Article spoofing A-Rod is pretty damn insulting to the Bronx... not to mention it's not even funny []

City Comptroller William Thompson has unveiled a web tool which allows users to enter their zip codes to see exactly how MTA cuts will affect their commutes [New York Times]

Riverdale residents form new community group [Riverdale Press]


1 comment:

Jonathan Charles said...

Regarding the A-Roid spoof, being a resident in the Bronx I'm not really bothere by it because my sister a block away from the stadium. We're trying to find her a new place to live but anyway, the inner blocks indeed are an ugly site, because of the people that live there.

People make the neighborhood, the neighborhood doesn't make it self.