Thursday, February 5, 2009

Landmark Designation for Perry Avenue?

We heard at our Bedford Mosholu Community Association meeting last evening that there's talk of the beautiful row houses on Perry Avenue between Bedford Park Boulevard and 201st Street receiving landmark designation from the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

We can't find any additional information about this possibility online. Anyone have any additional news/gossip/scuttlebutt on this issue?

We here at BoogieDowner would be pretty psyched it this were to happen. The houses are around the block from us and they are magnificent. I braved the chilly weather to snap a photo for you all... I'm such a good blogger, ain't I?



charley said...

That block is gorgeous! I love uncovering amazing places like this. Lots of really cool finds in your neck of the Bronx!

Anonymous said...

I agree what a beautiful row of homes!