Friday, February 6, 2009

Lower Concourse Rezoning: Are You Mad or Glad?

Hey South Bronx residents... We want to hear from you regarding the proposed rezoning of the Lower Grand Concourse. Are you mad or glad about this?

Obviously it would mean that a now gritty and industrial area could see some major changes. A mixed-use designation would usher the way for new retail and residential developments, but of course there's a chance that it could negatively impact some businesses that have been in the hood for a while. Click here to read Daily News' Bill Egbert's coverage of the proposed rezoning to get a better understanding of the issue.

The plans to rezone were announced earlier this week, but it's been pretty quiet out there in terms of community feedback.

So, what do you think? Good or bad? Happy or sad? Peeved or pleased? We want your comments.



Bob said...

I think one has to be very specific about what the redevelopment will be. The city realizes that the neighborhood has a very close proximity to Manhattan. Pre-economic meltdown, I would have been skeptical about the proposed vision by the city---after all, there are now luxury co-ops on 145 Street and Bradhurst Avenue, not far away. Is this what the city had in mind? But with the downturn, a case could be made for a large amount of affordable housing. That I would be for.

Anonymous said...

I am glad about this. Thanks for the story.

Jonathan C said...

Please do this. My borough has such a bad rap because of the people that live here.

An area like this would drive them out while bringing in new community friendly residents and shaping young residents who are growing up in the Bronx with a better mind set.

We have to get the hood out!

Anonymous said...

Terrible. Towers long the river and big box stores. They hope for gentrified Williamsburg, but won't get it, ever. We need park space on the river, not condo towers!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Affordable housing a new waterfront park.