Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bronx Opera in New York Magazine

Now usually BoogieDowner only has grievances to lodge against NY Magazine. In most cases, the magazine overlooks our borough in any type of "best of" list and considers the eponymous city of its title to be composed of only Manhattan, the most hipsterish parts of Brooklyn, and mommy and me Park Slope. We at BoogieDowner applaud the folks at NY Magazine for giving love to the Bronx Opera in its "Independent Edge" best of indie culture piece in this week's issue.
Click HERE for the "Opera Beyond Lincoln Center" subdivision of the article. Below is the actual NY Magazine write up:

The company, established in 1967, commutes between boroughs, bringing each production to the Lovinger Theatre at Lehman College and then either Hunter College’s Kaye Playhouse or on Long Island. The repertoire, too, swings between rarities and chestnuts: In January, it’s Bedrich Smetana’s Two Widows; in May, The Magic Flute. 718-365-4209.

BoogieDowner is psyched that this undervalued and under appreciated institution of the Bronx is getting a little respect from the cultural connoisseurs at NY Mag.

Now we do think that they could have mentioned some of the art galleries down in Mott Haven in their "Art on a Shoestring" list of emerging galleries, but it's baby steps steps.

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