Friday, February 6, 2009

Espada Admits Political Filth

So Alex Kratz over at the Norwood News has a piece in the paper's most recent edition that includes a few choice quotes from our favorite state Senator and (neighbor?).

When asked about his past political
misdeeds, campaign finance fines, and doubtful residency Mr. Espada stated quite brazenly that, “This is a dirty business that we call politics.” [Norwood News]

What a bold-faced admission of the state of Mr. E
spada's ethical aspirations. This quote is similar to one in the New York Times in which Mr. Espada describes politics as akin to organized crime. He audaciously said, “No excuses, [t]hat’s part of the business we’re in, as they say in the ‘Godfather’ movies.”
Another interesting revelation in Mr. Kratz's piece is that Mr. Espada still does not have an office in his district. He has constituents in need call Albany or his Soundview Medical Center, which is quite far from the district he was elected to represent.

So as of right now, Mr. Espada does not have an office in his own district, nor will he divulge how much time he spends at his (dubious?) "residence" in Bedford Park. Mamaroneck, Albany, Soundview...none of them are the district in which you were elected, Mr. Espada. Shame on you.

Does anybody know if there is a law mandating how soon a state Senator has to establish a working office in his/her district?

*photo courtesy of Norwood News*

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