Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shame on You, Peter Rivera and Aguila, Inc.

Norwood News' Alex Kratz reports some shocking details regarding the sneaky Christmas Eve opening of a shelter for homeless families in Bedford Park. Among some of the most outrageous of the circumstances surrounding the opening of the shelter are:
  • The new shelter is located across the street from PS 8.
  • Previous tenants of the building (3001 Briggs Avenue) may have been forced out through harassment.
  • Peter Rivera (yes, son of Assemblyman Peter Rivera) is director of Aguila, Inc., the company which manages the shelter. He said he meant to inform the community about the incoming shelter, but he chalked the fact that he neglected to do so up as an "oversight."
  • Department of Homeless Services makes no guarantees that the shelter's residents would not have criminal records.
  • 34% of DHS' homeless facilities are located in the Bronx.
  • Peter Rivera intends to open a similar homeless facility a few blocks away at 2903 Valentine Avenue (expect a large number of outraged residents to protest at a 2/17/09 Community Board 7 meeting at Bronx Library Center).
  • Aguila, Inc. receives nearly $3,000 per month per unit, which is nearly triple the amount the previous tenants paid for their units.
You really must click here to check out the full article. Kudos to Norwood News' Alex Kratz for keeping a close eye on this developing situation.

Oh yeah, BoogieDowner readers may be interested to know that spy-witnesses in the Bedford Park area have seen male residents in the windows of the shelter facility drinking alcohol in the wee hours of the morning... Great neighbors so far!

Hey Peter Rivera: We're watching you.



Anonymous said...

This is horrible. We need to to stop these shelters in the Bronx, especially close to a school. We already have too many of them.

Anonymous said...

When does this assault by design stop on our boro? These poverty brokers are making huge amounts of money by destroying every middle class neighborhood in The Bronx. This has to stop. This is the planned destruction of The Bronx. Can we say 1970 all over again? WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!