Thursday, February 26, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

We got a call yesterday from Fox 5 News asking us to comment on the potential for a revitalization of the residential area around Yankee Stadium, and we were happy to help out.

I talked about the need for the City to knock down the old stadium and return the parks to the residents of the Yankee Stadium area, as well as the beautiful stock of Art Deco buildings in the hood. A lot of it of course ended up on the cutting room floor... The final report is a fluff piece that does not mention parks or the fact that the old stadium is still taking up valuable space. Buy hey, we tried!

Check it out here:



Eric said...

LOL! He says you don't need a lot of cash, just use plastic(credit)!? That's the same type of mentality that has brought our economy to where it is today. As if the credit fairy will pay for it for you. Most people in that neighborhood make about $500 a week (and that's rounding up) who's going to charge $150. - $200. worth of tickets and food when many in that neighborhood are having trouble with credit as it is. This was a FOX news report was it not?

Anonymous said...

Kind of a puff piece for the stadium; obviously they would stay away from anything mentioning the park land situation or the tearing down of the old stadium.
Erlu's comment about the new stadium making the whole neighborhood more desirable means what? If the new people moving in will have more money, then what kind of pressure does that put on the people already living there Will they (the people already in the neighborhood) be subject to aggressive tactics by their landlords, anxious to jack up the rents. Will some be outpriced? I think in this economy it is hard to predict the future of that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he was encouraging people to pay for their tickets through credit...not sure what he meant, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an invitation to incur credit card debt...With that said, should the neighborhood stay crappy because of people making $500/week? Do you think the new stadium and eating/drinking options make High Bridge a worse or better place to live? More or less attractive? Would it be better if the Bronx Bombers left the Bronx and built a stadium in New Jersey like the Giants/Jets?

Eric said...

I do not think that the neighborhood is crappy on the contrary I think it's a beautiful neighborhood with a few bad apples. Highbridge is just as fine a place to live as any other in the Bronx. The Yankees belong in the Bronx, I just wish they hadn't had the property value manipulated to ensure tax breaks at the expense of tax payers. And I'd like them to show as much respect as they get from the community they are in. (In reference to parking/park space and prices.)