Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Steps, But We Like It

So after the little one went to bed last evening ErLu settled in to watch the DVRed 30 Rock episode from this past Thursday. Good episode. Jack and Alisa's romance is funny in a slightly offensive way. Tracy Morgan's non-sequitur humor always gets me.

But what really made ErLu happy is that a scene that was meant to take place in a crappy crime-infested hood DIDN'T get placed in the Bronx. Liz had to retrieve her phone with an "adult" picture from a cabbie. The nabe was dark, scary, and the lovable bumpkin, Kenneth the page, even gets his page jacket tagged immediately upon exiting the fictional X-train subway station.

Thank God the writers didn't just use the Bronx as a stereotypical fill in for a bad neighborhood. Not sure what the folks in Long Island City, Queens think about 30 Rocks's portrayal of their hood and borough, but we at BoogieDowner are just happy the show didn't take a jab at our beloved Bronx.



Bob said...

Now, if only some television show would create a character living in the current Bronx, who could say something positive about it---show the strength of its neighborhoods, or whatever, that would really be progress.

phil said...

That would be interesting indeed.
I would like to see a show about an upper middle class family who has to move to the Bronx because of the economy. with all their fears and stereotypes being addressed in the show. funny scenes like bringing a their laundry to the laundrymat and having to wash it themselves and learning how to order in a Spanish restaurant even getting to know their neighbors and doing things they once frowned upon like hanging out in front of the building with beach chairs. I think this concept is full of story lines. they did it with brooklyn and queens they should do a show like this about the Bronx!