Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unbelievable Gall: The Pedro Espada Story

Turns out our favorite state Senator (and neighbor?) continues to disregard the need for transparency in his campaign finances. Not only has Mr. Espada cried and politically extorted his way to a position of leadership in the New York State Senate, but he has failed (again) to file a required disclosure report that was due on January 15th. This act of brazen ego and deceit comes on the heels of Mr. Espada's $60K+ in fines being upheld in court.

This guy never ceases to surprise. It's kind of scary that a character like this not only is able to be an elected official in the Bronx, but even has strong-armed his way to a leadership position in the State Senate. What will unbridled ego, greed, and deceit do when combined with power? God only knows. In the words of anonymous Bronx politico quoted in the Village Voice, "This is so fucking bad."

*Photo courtesy of John DeSio*


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