Sunday, November 23, 2008

Peruvian Cuisine Arrives In The South Bronx!

Pio Pio, a Peruvian restaurant with locations around NYC, opened up shop in Mott Haven not too long ago, and how lucky we are! With a great atmosphere to match their delicious food, this place is so popular I have no doubt it will be around for quite some time. While the location seems surprising (138th and Cypress - not a lot of upscale action in that particular area, but hey - who's complaining), the chain's foray into the Bronx does not. And the newly announced Zagat rating will only continue to boost their popularity (this place was packed!)

What I found: lively and energizing music, nice casually upscale decor, attentive and friendly service and food so scrumptious you'll be already planning your next visit before you've ordered your coffee and dessert! Sadly, at this location they cannot serve their famous Pisco Sours, but order one of their huge glasses of Sangria and you'll blissfully enjoy your evening (those things pack a whollop!!). The portions are enormous, so much so that I doggiebagged it and enjoyed leftovers the next day. While the menu isn't vast (hint: you must love chicken), the flavors are delish and the prices so reasonable you will be pleasantly surprised when the bill arrives - that is of course if you either a) are an American Express cardholder or b) you remember to pull cash before you arrive. I was in neither category so I found myself running (in high heels!) to the nearest bodega in search of an ATM. Can we say Total Buzz Kill?!? (Note to Pio Pio owners: What are you THINKING??? But your place is so divine, I guess you deserve a pass...) So, guys - check out their menu and be sure to pay them a visit, AMEX or cash in hand!

Transportation is easy: Just off the #6 Cypress stop.

~Simone Davis


Cheff Cucho said...

Oh I'm so happy to know about this! I had the chance to try the Peruvian Cuisine and it is indeed the most tarteful, delicious and diverse of the world! Bronx has been blessed now. And I'm hungry already... congratulations for the article.

RODNEY said...

their chicken was great . but the rest was not that hot . i also found a Peruvian restaurant in the south bronx called Pisac on 188 st and Washington ave 718-618-0555. their lomo salto and sea food was unbelievable .if you enjoy Peruvian food try Pisac.