Thursday, November 6, 2008

Listing of the Day: Castle Hill Rental

Watson Avenue, 2 Bedrooms - $1400/month

For all the real off-the-beaten-pathers out there, I've decided to present you with a Castle Hill special. You know, Castle Hill, that hood wedged between Soundview and Throgg's Neck. Yeah that Castle Hill, where J. Lo grew up. Yes that J. Lo, the one who had Skeletor's babies.

Well in any case, I bring to you a well maintained two bedroom in Castle Hill renting for $1400/month. For such a ridiculously low price you might be willing to navigate the blocks of this not quite South Bronx hood (Southeast Bronx?).

Castle Hill has a decidedly working class, lower-middle echelon vibe. You'd feel right at home if you were looking to rent an $1400/month shared apartment. If you are trying to survive in NYC on a shoestring and want to live without the burden of messy drunken roommates, check this beauty out. It looks like it even has a small balcony.

While most of the time, you would be gallivanting in Mott Haven or some god-forsaken frat-boy Upper East Side bar (First and Long? Tin Lizzie?) for nightlife, you do have some options in Castle Hill. For a local dive bar where you can pre-game before a 6 train into the City try Cas Bar at 1362 Castle Hill Avenue or you could skip the whole 6 train nonsense and finish your night at Johnny O's Bar and Grill at 2132 Westchester Avenue to keep the whole affair local.

In any case, you'd have enough money at the end of the month to go to the City if you so desired.
Transportation is easy: Take the 6.

*special thanks to the Village Voice's "Close-Up on Castle Hill, the Bronx" for helping me fill in the gaps - Big Up!


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