Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Nanny 911" is looking for Bronx families!

The BoogieDowner got a great email a few days ago from the casting department of "Nanny 911." Looks like it's time to get some help with those bratty kids. The Fox reality show "Nanny 911" is looking for BoogieDown families to be featured on the air. A little incentive to keep you reading: if your fam gets on the show you get $10,000. Details about what they're looking for and contact info is below. Please tell the casting people you heard about this from the BoogieDowner.

"We are essentially looking for families who really want or need the opportunity to spend three or four days working on bettering their lives with our nanny specialist. Perhaps mom and dad don't know how to deal with the public tantrums or wish that they could get through a meal without a meltdown; our nanny specialist will work with them to implement structure and create harmony in the home. As we all know, child rearing doesn't come with a manual and sometimes a little bit of outside help is all a family needs."

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the show can feel free to contact the casting people through email (lauren.nanny911@yahoo.com) or 212-404-1842. You can also check out a related website with further information: http://www.nanny911casting.wordpress.com/.


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