Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carrion Possible HUD Secretary

The BoogieDown's beep has a decent shot at being a member of the Obama administration. Jonathan P. Hicks of the NY Times is reporting that Mr. Carrion is a serious candidate for the Housing and Urban Development post.

President Of Bronx Could Get Cabinet Post [Jonathan P. Hicks, NY Times]

We hope that Adolfo remembers his roots in the Bronx when he is in Washington and makes sure the BoogieDown is taken care with lots of housing and urban development.

The BoogieDowner would also like to point out another historic barrier broken with this potential appointment: a guy basically named Adolf might rise to a cabinet position after WWII. I think maybe the Secretary of Education's name might be Judas.

BoogieDowner wholeheartedly supports Mr. Carrion's potential appointment. We heart him.

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Anonymous said...

the BP is a great man who has dedicated his life to NY and specificall the BX. He wont forget his beloved borough I am sure of it. With a masters in urban planning and a history in Housing and Urban Development he has been bred for this job.