Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big-Wigs Party in the Hamptons for SoBro (Updated)

I know, I know... you're probably annoyed seeing the old "SoBro" acronym up in the title of this post. BoogieDowner has not broken its promise to banish the use of the real estate buzz term for the South Bronx. SoBro in this case stands for: The South Bronx Overall Economic Corporation, an organization which has been working for over 30 years to improve various quality of life issues in the South Bronx. (Although, interestingly enough, if you try to match up the letters in their acronym to the actual letters in the official name of the organization, it doesn't all quite work out...)

Anyhoo, imagine our surprise when we got a Google Alert informing us that the Bronx was mentioned on - swanky! Turns out the South Bronx Overall Economic Corporation held their 36th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Auction out in the land of the wealthy, (ummm, yeah, we got that wrong - see update below) and tons of big-wigs turned up to toast the organization's accomplishments. By "big-wigs" we basically mean Bill Evans, the comedically blessed weatherman on Channel 7. He's wrong about the weather half the time because he's usually too busy making fun of Joe Nolan, the portly traffic guy, but we love him anyway.

BoogieDowner thinks it's pretty funny that a gala celebrating improvements in the South Bronx was held all the way out in the freaking Hamptons. But hey, you gotta go where the bucks flow, right? (Again, see update... you basically just shouldn't believe anything you read on this site.)

We're really hoping this blingy post gets us a linky-loo from It's not everyday we get to talk about galas, Bill Evans, and the Hamptons all in one post.

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UPDATE: Well, here's another example of how we're piss-poor bloggers: we totally goofed on the locale of this shindig... It was held at the New York Hilton. Additional celebs in attendance were Charlie Rangel, Bill Thompson, Darryl Strawberry, Councilman Robert Jackson and Chancellor Joel Klein among others.

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