Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mother Earth is Soooo High Maintenance

This is old news at this point, but we at BoogieDowner just wanted to kvetch about it...

The damn holiday light show (usually held at night) at the Bronx Zoo has been replaced by a "Winter Wonderland" daylight festival in order to conserve energy and be greener (and undoubtedly save a nice chunk of greenbacks as well - pun intended... hehe - we're such clever writers we think we smell a special guest writer gig invitation from 30 Rock soon).

All's we have to say about this is boooooooooooo!!!! Er, I mean, excellent, nicely done Wildlife Conservation Society. CO2 emmissions are bad. Saving energy is good. But damn, what a bummer. We finally have a little bambina to trot out in her cute holiday clothes to see the light show, and now it's cancelled all because Mother Earth is about as high maintenance as Mariah Carey right now.

We'll just have to push our selfish little energy wasting thoughts aside and trot out the little one in her cute holiday clothes during the DAY instead. Our life is so hard.

I guess we'll just have to get our wasteful energy and lighting fix down an the annual residential yuletide spectacle on the corner of Westervelt and Pelham Parkway (pictured at right).

Editor's Note: We are not evil. We recycle, we bought the reusable shopping bags (admittedly half the time we forget to bring them when we go out shopping, but hey, we're trying), we refill our water bottles instead of drinking 20 Poland Springs a day, and we even use the fronts AND backs of the paper when we're printing something. Did I mention we joined the Norwood Food Co-op? At this point we're basically like the Brangelina of the green world, wouldn't you say? Except much better looking.


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