Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SCA Bungles Another Bronx Project

The School Construction Authority sure is on a roll in the BoogieDown...

Yesterday, we linked to a New York Times piece which explained how SCA hasn't adequately protected students or Bronx residents from pollutants while building new schools in Mott Haven, and today they're in the news again for severe delays in a library renovation project.

By "severe" we mean that the students have not had access to their library for over a YEAR, and the work still has not begun. The library is in a building which is home to five different schools at 172nd Street and Boynton Avenue.

Click here to read Daily News' Tanyanika Samuels' and Meredith Kolodner's piece.

Hmmm, BoogieDowner wonders is this kind of delay would fly in a more foo-foo area like Park Slope or Gramercy Park? We thinks not.


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