Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Politics...

The New York Times' Danny Hakim had a piece in yesterday's paper which clearly explains all the shenanigans happening up in Albany with the four "dissident Democrats" who are threatening to not throw support behind a member from their own party as majority leader.

Two of the four dems, Pedro Espada Jr. and Ruben Diaz Sr., represent the BoogieDown.

The four have formed an independent political caucus and fear that Latino leaders are underrepresented in Albany.

Following is a quote from the Times' article:

“There’s a concern that we have a black president, a black governor and we have a concern that we have to be sharing power,” said Mr. Díaz. [NY Times]

Fellas, after celebrating such a historic election, why not just do everything in your power to unite the Democratic party?

*Photo courtesy of Jason Koppel/NY Times*


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Anonymous said...

Those clowns don't care about Deomcratic party, and they don't really care about parity for Latinos either.