Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Cheese Option On Arthur Avenue

Okay, so this is just a brief heads up to all the cheese lovers out there. BoogieDowner, like the rest of the turophiles (fancy word for cheese-lovers) within a hundred miles of Arthur Ave., swears by the fresh mozzarella at Casa della Mozzarella on 187th street. As the missus and I tried to purchase some of the famous mozzarella and asiago from the renowned cheese-purveyors, we were met by a line out the door and an old fashioned "take a number" machine. Our number was 74; they were serving 58. It dawned on us that this was the weekend before Thanksgiving and that every foodie in the tri-state area had descended on Arthur Ave. to buy provisions. What to do?
Well, BoogieDowner found a great plan B in Calandra's Cheese, which is all the way down on Arthur Ave. near Cresent. The mozzarella is great and really just a small step below Casa's, and the asiago was actually better! And most importantly... no line. The only annoying part was that there is a $25 minimum for debit cards. Although it's kinda scary that it wasn't that hard for us to buy $25 worth of cheese (keep in mind this is cheese for personal use, we're not hosting Thanksgiving this year).

In any case, Calandra's is a viable option for impatient cheese heads.

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GraceAnne LadyHawk said...

We actually love Calandra's best. Their fresh ricotta is perhaps the most delectable cheese in the world, especially with figs and honey.