Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can, And We Did.

There are almost no words to describe this historic election. But here are just a few...

The malaise has been lifted. Voices have been heard. A change has come.

We now have cold, hard proof that the ideals on which America was founded are very much alive and well.

God Bless the United States of America, and God Bless President-elect Obama.

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Anonymous said...

My God - this is an historic election. The dreams of President Lincoln (who sort of "re-wrote" the modern Constitution), Dr. King, President Kennedy, and RFK have been realized. This, notwithstanding my comments below, is a great day for The United States of America.

That being said, I did not vote for President-Elect Obama. I feel he was disingenuous and sold the American people a bill of goods that will make him look poor in the next fours years. And, as democracies operate, he will lose seats in the mid-term and possibly re-election in four years.

Unfortunately, as economies are cyclical, (part of which helped him get elected) unemployment will continue to steadily rise over the next 14 months and as people who voted for him lose their jobs, the honeymoon will be long over.

Thank God we are great as I said in the first paragraph. The republic will survive.

James Miller said...

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