Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some News...

Here a few linky-loos to stories of interest to us Bronxites today... What would we do without the Daily News' Bronx Borough coverage? All the New York Post can talk about today is the damn Lillo Brancato trial...

Kappy reports Bronx Dems close to broke [Daily News]

Rat police scouring the South Bronx looking to lock-up rodents [Daily News]

Local leaders and residents continue to protest animal shelter coming to the old Fordham Library [Daily News]

SCA toxic school site in South Bronx all just a big misunderstanding [Daily News]

River of slime in Mott Haven has absentee owner... and City's solution is to keep dumping larvicide in it. Ewh. [Daily News]

Your first peek at the Holiday Train Show at New York Botanical Garden [Daily News]

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