Monday, November 24, 2008

A D-bag Grows in Brooklyn (shocker...)

Apologies for the crass language... I sat here for five minutes trying to think of a word to call this guy, but "d-bag" just kept buzzing in my ear over and over.

You've probably already heard about this particular d-bag (Kimber VanRy) living in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, because he's used the media to whine and complain for months now since receiving a $25 ticket for drinking a beer on the stoop of his co-op back in August.

The whole thing is so annoying - you're not on the front porch of your own house on your own private residential plot of land set back from the sidewalk dude. You live in a shared community space, and it's illegal to drink your Sierra Nevada on the stoop - deal with it, pay your $25 fine and move on.

But that's not even really the thing pissing BoogieDowner off...

According to the Daily News, he has a trial set for December 11th and is looking for pro bono legal representation. According to the Times piece, Mr. VanRy is "an international sales manager for a supplier of stock film footage, video and music." This professional background, coupled with the fact that Mr. VanRy owns a co-op, leads me to believe he could probably pay for his own legal representation for this stupid, self-serving court battle. If you're not willing to fund your own battle, don't start the fight.

Please Mr. VanRy... go back inside your apartment to drink your pale ale and don't clog the already overburdened court system with your silly little pissing contest with the NYPD.

And please leave the pro bono legal representation to those who really need it.

*Photo courtesy of Ward for Daily News*



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Anonymous said...

You are totally right on this one. This guy's a total moron. He's speaking at Pete's Candy Store on June 19... please go and heckle him.