Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Listing of the Day: Woodlawn Rental

305-307 East 239th Street , 1 Bedroom - $1,100/month

We all know Woodlawn is a superfun place to visit and have a few pints, but it also serves as a vibrant residential community as well. An overwhelmingly Irish vibe in the pubs of McClean and Katonah Avenues makes you feel like your back in county Mayo drinking with the boys. Personal favorites for imbibing locations are Rambling House on Katonah and Rory Dolan's on McClean.

The apartment looks big for a one bedroom. I guess it should be at $1,100 a month, but it is nice to to have to deal with roommates. The exterior of the building looks well kept. There is actually an open house this Saturday from 11-4, so check it out and report back.

There's lots of normal shopping down on McLean, like a monster A&P. You can also find some decent restaurants as well. BoogieDowner's favorite non-Gaelic establishment is Tum Raa (Thai food) on McClean. Of course the world famous Cemetery is the southern border of the hood.

This is a very special Listing of the Day because BoogieDowner wants to welcome Cousin Tommy, who just moved into the little Ireland of the Bronx from Canadian-like Connecticut. Fathers, shackle your lasses; watering holes, open your doors. We hope to have Cousin Tommy (pictured right) out and reporting on the pub beat shortly. Keep an eye out.


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