Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Listing of the Day: Woodlawn Co-op

4320 Van Cortlandt Park East Ave. 2 Bedroom -$199,000

This is a nice little starter apartment in a nice neighborhood near one of the best parks in the city - and lots of drinking.

BoogieDowner was actually pretty surprised to see a true two bedroom in Woodlawn for this price. Any other time we've seen a listing for a supposed two bedroom for under $200K in Woodlawn it turned out to be a Jr. 4 in Wakefield. When you look at all of the pics in the listing there indeed are two real and distinct bedrooms. There is no hallway or foyer being called a bedroom. And the pictures aren't fact they're quiet nice.

Clearly Van Cortlandt Park is a great amenity, and of course you'd have all those pubs and eateries in the vicinity. You'd also be close to Cousin Tommy, which is a benefit in and of itself.

Speaking of Cousin Tommy, a few more salesmen of the month plaques and accompanying bonuses and you'll be in the market for this puppy, Tommy Boy. Just think of it: being able to drop into Rambling House to order a pint and proclaiming: "I'm Cousin Tommy- Home Owner." Oh! How the Hibernian lasses will swoon.

Transportation is okay. Not sure what the usual practice is, but the Woodlawn 4 train is technically not in Woodlawn; it's down in North Norwood near the cemetery. I am assuming that people take a bus to the 4 train. There is also a Metro North stop on the other side of the hood on Webster Ave. Any Woodlawners, please chime in about your commute. Do you hoof it to the 4 train or take a bus?


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Cousin Tommy said...

Personally I take the bus to the 4 train. The walk there can be considered cruel at best...if someone out there does walk, prove it and I will walk with you. The Metro North is a bit "dear" considering my lean budget. So I find the bus/subway combination to be quite pleasing. Although I've heard rumblings that they are cutting the #34 bus, on a count of MTA cutbacks. Leaving only the #16, and many Woodlawners out in the cold, literally.