Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bloomy Backing Down on Rebate Donnybrook

BoogieDowner reported recently that Mayor Mike had been misinformed at to his ability to stop the $400 rebate checks that go out every year to NYC homeowners. It turns out that because it was part of a City Council approved budget, Hizzoner needed the Council's approval to stop the checks. It was pretty damned clear that the approval from the City Council was not forthcoming.

Upon being informed of this snag to his plan on channelling the Grinch, Bloomy dug his heels in and frankly refused to admit that the law was not going to allow him to do what he wanted. Sounds kinda familiar, right (term limits, anyone?)

It seems after some political temper tantrum throwing, Mayor Mike is realizing that he too has to play by the rules. Read about it below in the Times.

Bloomberg Softens Tone in Rebate Check Dispute
[Jonathan P Hicks, NY Times]

BoogieDowner's official stance is that we could use the money. As much as we understand the hardships that every citizen, city, and state are experiencing, we feel it's better to have money being spent in the economy. Now let's get BoogieDowner in that Treasury Secretary spot for the Obama administration. Larry Summers is overrated anyway. And who in the world is Timothy Geithner?


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