Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's the Deal With the Point Yacht Club?

Betcha didn't know we have our own yacht club right here in the BoogieDown (that's not on City Island), did ya?

Of course, there's nary a yacht (only old fishing boats) to be seen in the Point Yacht Club at the end of Soundview Avenue, but that doesn't mean it isn't an important piece of Bronx history. It's been around since 1914 and is apparently the oldest marina on the East River.

For more background info on the Point Yacht Club, click here to check out this New York Times piece from 2004.

It seems a storm has been brewing at the Point Yacht Club for some time now (nautical pun intended)... The marina is technically owned by the Parks Department and the Point Yacht Club leases the space from the city from month-to-month. Well, we've received work from Rev. Carmen Hernandez, a community advocate in the Soundview area and Founder/President of NYCLGBTCC (stands for New York City LGBT Chamber of Commerce), that the Parks Department has recently inspected the marina and deemed it unsafe and is threatening to close it.

There was a press conference held in support of the marina yesterday at 11am.

Do any of our readers have any additional information on the Point Yacht Club and its relationship with the Parks Department? A quick google search shows next to nothing on the marina. Comments? Additional info?

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juslookin said...

My name is Charles Parlamento, My dad was a member at this once little yacht club we had the best times of our lives there! I know Art Siefert very well even the late great Pete Paulsen I think he was the first member in 1914! Steve Rylicki ??? and sons Steve JR. Kenneth Drumond, Jack Dempsey Billy Pajer, Bill Pajer JR. Daniel Malloy ECT-ECT. If any one wants more info. E-mail me Charles Parlamento.
It brings great tears to my eyes to see this club closing! When I said we had the best times of our lives there I mean it nobody laughed harder than us until the WEE-HOURS! of the morning! We even had to stay at Art Seiferts home just blocks away because of a huge snow storm. We hall had to put plastick around our legs to get to his house! Well my dad used to work at Multipal Toymakers in the BX. and used to supply the toys for the Christmas Parties there! But my dad had a stroke and when he used to get a ride down there it was like nobody even cared about him or anything! That broke my heart alot! When his passion died so did mine! I moved to Rockland County and eventually Dutchess County (T/Poughkeepsie) My dad joined I'll say when I was 5 years old 44 years ago! In that old varnished glass cabinet that used to hang near the pool table I knew every member in the case even old Pete Paulsen who was a really smart and studdering old man! And yes I slept at his house too! And the fantastic Bill Barr and Betty Barr (or Bar) I forget slept at his house too! anyway I'd be more than happy to come there to one of your meetings it would be a real treat! PS Don't let the city take that club! Charles. Parlamento 845-406-7658 Lv. message, I'll get back to you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Charles, My name is Tom Alfano. I was wondering when you hung out at the club? I was 5-9 years old when I used to hang out there while my dad worked on his boat, (or drank in the old club house which, from my recollection was an old boat house). I don’t remember much beyond playing in the oil soaked mud and wading in the sound with my old sneakers on (glass and horseshoe crabs). That was in the late 50’s, early 60’s. My dad was the commodore for a while; Peter Alfano. I also remember Pete Paulsen.You can contact me at