Monday, November 24, 2008

BoogieDowner Observation

Daily News' Stephanie Gaskell has piece regarding the uptick in popularity of food co-ops as the economy continues its downward spiral.

Of course most of the piece is centered around the hugely popular (and we're going to guess hugely annoying - they have valet parking for bikes there) Park Slope Co-op, but the South Bronx Food Co-op gets a nice shout out at the end of the article.

Ms. Gaskell is not one of the News' Bronx borough reporters, so we're happy to see she did some digging and the gave the BoogieDown some ink. Not too long ago a story like this would have been all about Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn. The only way we would have been happier is if the Norwood Food Co-op got some love as well, but we aren't complaining. Baby steps, people... Baby steps.


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charlene said...

hi there, I'm one of those possibly annoying park slope food coop members, and I agree - it would have been helpful and more balanced reporting if the author had talked with the many other existing food coops in the nyc area - not to mention the ones that are forming. I happen to be more familiar with the people forming several coops in Brooklyn, but the point is the success that coops like the South Bronx Food Coop are having because people are getting involved in their communities to work together to provide affordable higher quality food.

I think the article downplays a really significant success of the South Bronx Food Coop, which is moving from being open 1 day a week to 5 ! What a great achievement for a fairly new coop - gathering the growing community support to do this, providing more labor so that it's even possible for them to be open that many days. That is a true success story, in my opinion.

Also, I did want to mention that the bike valet parking at the Park Slope Food Coop was a one-day trial that happened. It's not available on an ongoing basis at this time.