Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh No They Didn't!

Well, the Bronx is getting trashed again...

This time, it's members of the Yale Club of New York City who are complaining to the New York Post that their private oasis has been invaded by "crowds from such lowbrow places as The Bronx."

Yes, they seriously said that. Check out the article if you want to have a good Monday morning chuckle.

Here's perhaps the best excerpt from the article:

"It's crappy," said a woman who insisted The Post identify her only as "Mrs. Harrison DeSilver."

"I just want to put my feet up here, but instead, weddings are being shipped down from The Bronx," groused DeSilver, a member for 50 years. "On the weekends, it just gets ridiculous." [NY Post]

Mrs. Harrison DeSilver sounds like someone you'd really like to get to know better right? I love how this post comes right after another post about Catholic Charities helping those who are less fortunate, and Mrs. Harrison DeSilver is just bitching about how she can't put her precious little feet up and relax. I wonder if she know how ignorant she sounds... probably not. Poor, sheltered little thing.



Anonymous said...

where can i find the article

ps: keep up the good work

Boogiedowner said...

If you click on the link in the post (New york Post), it will bring you to the article.

Thanks for reading....