Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bronx Cultural Expertise Needed

Thanks to a BoogieDowner reader named Karen for bringing this travesty to our attention.

WNYC (93.9 on your FM dial) has a feature on its website entitled, Noteworthy New York. This feature has a map that pinpoints recommendations by local artists about cool stuff in their hoods.

Check out the map HERE.

Great idea - the only issue is the Bronx map is pinpoint-less. (At least we're doing better than Staten Island which isn't even visible on the map). Now BoogieDowner can't really gripe with the people at WNYC because it seems the the pinpointed locations of coolness are user generated.

Here's how WNYC says to add noteworthy hot spots:

"Got a noteworthy place of your own? Tell us why in less than 200 words. Please give us your full name, neighborhood, age and address of the place in question: soundcheck@wnyc.org."

So let's get at it Bronxites! We have to fill that map up with all the BoogieDown coolness we can think of...


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