Monday, November 3, 2008

Part of the Problem

A follow-up on our post last week about Bronx teacher Steven Clarke who was fired for calling his students "filthy animals" who belong in a "f*cking zoo"...

Daily News' Jose Martinez reports that Mr. Clarke feels that he should have a second chance and that his termination was an "overreaction."

BoogieDowner was surprised to learn that Mr. Clarke is a 51 year old man... the media reports which continually call him a "Cornell grad" led us to believe that he must have been a recent college graduate. This guy is 51 and should know better!

Daily News quotes him as saying:

"Society has failed them," Clarke said. "It has taught them that there are no consequences for what you do in school."

Ummmmm, if society has failed them, don't you think that you, their teacher, calling them "filthy animals" is kinda part of the problem? Perhaps you are a major part of the society you speak of that has failed them? What a piss-poor excuse for a teacher this guy is/was.

BoogieDowner fashion editorial note: Perhaps if Mr. Clarke didn't wear Bill Cosby's leftover sweaters from The Cosby Show wardrobe the students wouldn't have given him such a hard time...

*Photo courtesy of Alvarez/News*


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