Monday, December 1, 2008

Listing of the Day: Mott Haven Rental

429 E. 139th Street at Willis Ave, 2 Bedrooms, - $2,000/month

This apartment is in an old school brownstone in Mott Haven. BoogieDowner thinks the rent is still too high, but the apartment is pretty unique with a garden and some outdoor space. 1,500 square feet of a brownstone is pretty cool to have as a rental, not to mention another 850 square feet of garden space. Even if overpriced, you can't say it's not unique. There is mention in the listing of a "flexible 3rd bedroom." Not sure what that means, but splitting $2k three ways would make this unit a lot more attractive.

The listing reads $2,200/month, but the unit is listed on craigslist at $2,000... a clear price chop in the rent. To be honest if you wait a bit it might come down more. Even if you offer, say, $1,800 a month, you might be able to get into the unit.

Obviously Mott Haven has some cool stuff going for it with the whole art scene. There are a few galleries around and lots of cheap-ish studio space if you're an artist yourself. Alexander Avenue is pretty cool too with its handful of antique shops and historic strip of brownstones up in the 140s.

You'd have some decent dining establishments with Bruckner Bar and Grill, Alexander's, Pio Pio, and Santa Clarita close by. You'd also be right in the heart of the NYC Marathon's brief Bronx sojourn so you can cheer in November.

Transportation is easy with the 6 a few blocks away at 138th and 3rd Avenue, and the 4 and 5 at 138th and Grand Concourse.


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