Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Listing of the Day: Fordham Road Rental

Fordham Road, 2 Bedrooms - $995/month
The listing does not provide much detail as to where on Fordham Road this unit is, but $995 for a two bedroom?  This thing could be on Fordham Road and al Asad Boulevard in Baghdad and it would be cheap. 

Taking this rent and chopping it in two, then pro-rating for a per diem rent comes out to $16.58 per day, per person.  Some people in this city pay more than that for their daily lunch at the falafel cart.

If BoogieDowner had to guess where a two bedroom would fetch a mere $995 a month on the Fordham Road stretch, methinks it would be further west in University Heights.  Probably south of Fordham Road proper.  Not the best hood in the world, 
but if your looking for a super-cheap share this is your pad.

The pictures show a decent apartment and with hardwood floors.  The pics also show a bathroom, which seems to indicate the existence of running water - not to be taken for granted in a unit this cheap.

Anywhere along Fordham Road the transportation would be good.  If you are where I think this is, the 4 at Jerome and Fordham Road would be pretty close.  If you're farther east, the B/D at the Concourse and Fordham Road would do the trick.


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